Comtrust Money Market Fund

The Comtrust Money Market Fund is an Open-Ended Money Market Fund investing in Government Securities, Investment Grade Short Term Corporate Debt & Bank Deposits with a view to generate regular income. It provides highest possible current income with preservation of capital and providing liquidity from investing in a diversified portfolio of short term money market securities. The Fund is managed by a professional fund manager while an independent trustee is appointed to oversee the activities of the unit trust and safeguard the interest of the investors in the fund.

Nature of the Fund

Open Ended Unit Trust

Regulatory Authority

Securities & Exchange Commission Sri Lanka

Managing Company

Comtrust Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd


Hatton National Bank PLC


Deloitte Sri Lanka (SJMS)

Legal Advisor

Nithya Partners

Minimum Investment


Tax Benefits

Capital gains and dividends are exempt from tax.

Dividend Distribution


Management Fee

0.7% per annum (inclusive of Trustee fees)

Yearly Performance

Fund 2019 2018  2017   2016  2015 2014
Comtrust Money Market Fund


  11.11%    11.29%  8.76%    7.44%   9.09%