Comtrust Gilt Edged Fund

This is a Gilt Edged Fund established under the Trust Deed dated 1st March, 2013. Deutsche Bank AG Colombo is the Trustee and the Custodian of the Fund. The investment objective of the Fund is to maximize returns by investing in a portfolio of Government Securities and repurchase agreements and to provide a dividend income bi – annually. The Fund is an open-ended unit trust which can offer units to investors on a continuing basis.

Nature of the Fund

Open Ended Unit Trust

Regulatory Authority

Securities & Exchange Commission Sri Lanka

Managing Company

Comtrust Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd


Hatton National Bank PLC


Deloitte Sri Lanka (SJMS)

Legal Advisor

Nithya Partners

Minimum Investment


Tax Benefits

Capital gains and dividends are exempt from tax.

Dividend Distribution


Management Fee

0.5% per annum (inclusive of custody fees)

Yearly Performance

Fund 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Comtrust Gilt Edged Fund  7.85% 7.47% 8.51% 7.97% 5.72%