How it Works


  • Creation of units – Once the investor decides to invest in a fund he/she need to submit the following documents.Individual Investors
    • Duly filled Application form, KYC form( these forms can be downloaded from our website) and a copy of NIC along with the proof of residence should be submitted to the office.

    Corporate Clients

    • Corporate applicants should submit the application form with the common seal of the company affixed and attested as required by article of association.
    • Corporate applicants should also forward the copy of the certificate of incorporation and the KYC form.

    Mode of Payment

    • Payment should be made separately in respect of each application, either by cheque or bank draft in favor of “Comtrust Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd” and crossed A.C Payee only. Payment will be treated as valid only upon realization.
    • An investment can be made by depositing money to Comtrust Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd’s Account No. 1020087201 at any Commercial Bank of Ceylon branch.
    • For payment above LKR 1 Million, funds can be transferred directly to the Trustee, Deutsche Bank AG Colombo through RTGS for the credit of respective Unit Trust Account.
    Name of the Fund Account Number at Deutsche Bank AG Colombo
    Comtrust Equity Fund 41608000
    Comtrust Money Market Fund 41608006
    Comtrust Gilt Edged Fund 44024000
    Crescent I Fund 41608004
    Comtrust Adl Mudarabah Fund 41608008


    After making an investment a Unit certificate or the Transaction receipt will be sent to the investor.


    • Where unit trust is in the form of a Certificate, the Unit holder should complete the redemption instruction on the reverse of the Unit Certificate and forward it before 4.00pm on any subscription day.
    • Where unit trust is in the form of script less, the Unit holder should make a written request for redemption and forward it to Comtrust Asset Management. E-Mail correspondence is also accepted.
    • Units may in general be redeemed on any subscription day at the Managing Company’s buying price prevailing on the day upon receipt of the request.
    • Payment for redemption proceeds will be made by A/C Payee cheque in rupees or direct transfer of funds to a bank account upon the request of the unit holder.