Investment Philosophy and Approach

Investment Philosophy

  • Our primary focus is on investing in fundamentally strong stocks for the medium to long term. We place less emphasis on speculative trading on mis-priced securities and market anomalies which may provide short term gains
  • All investments will be supported by fundamental research which shall be used to identify stocks that would provide above average returns over the long term
  • In identifying stocks, we place particular emphasis on the sustainability of earnings growth, the quality of management team and the presence of a viable business model that can sustain growth over the long term
  • We believe that portfolios should be sufficiently diversified at all times to mitigate against excessive volatility and achieve a satisfactory risk-return trade off
  • Investment in fixed income securities are supported by research on key macro-economic variables and the impact of such variables on the term structure and direction of interest rates. We believe that accurate forecasting of key economic variables such as inflation, budget deficits, exchange rates, credit expansion metrics are critical for the accurate determination of interest rate direction