Company History & Core Business

Company History


The Company was incorporated on 20th January 1992 as Commercial Fund Management (Private) Limited, with the initial promoters being Commercial Bank of Ceylon Limited, Singer (Sri Lanka) Limited and Australia Limited, an Australian based investment company. The company was one of the pioneer Unit Trust Fund Management companies established in Sri Lanka.


CT CLSA Capital (Private) Limited (known as CT Capital (Private) Limited at the time), a fully owned subsidiary of CT CLSA Holdings Limited (known as CT Smith Holdings Limited) acquired controlling interest of Commercial Fund Management. Subsequent to which the company was renamed CT Fund Management (Private) Limited.


Re-branded and re-launched Corporate Identity as Comtrust Asset Management (Private) Limited.


 CT Smith Holdings Limited was re-branded as CT CLSA Holdings Limited, subsequent to a 25% equity investment by CLSA.

Core Business

Currently, Comtrust manages four mutual funds catering to the needs of local as well as foreign investors, whilst also managing private portfolios for institutions and high net-worth individuals.